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Professionals in every industry need a variety of professional development tools, services, and education to keep abreast of important developments in their fields that affect their career.

For instance, consider just a few of the daily events affecting professionals:
  • The government changes the rules for COBRA, FMLA, and other mandated compliance areas almost yearly. HR professionals not only have to keep up with the changes career-wise, but must do so or they and their organization face severe fines and penalties.

  • Today is Mary Smith's first day as a real estate agent. She has earned her real estate license, but in reality does not know how to make listing or buyer presentations, present CMAs, handle objections, or correctly handle a multitude of other tasks necessary to being a successful real estate professional.

  • After 10 years as a partner, John Doe decides to start his own medical practice. John needs a slew of software and practice management products such as personnel manuals, time and attendance/payroll, plus billing and coding books.

Bottom line, people visiting your website needs lots of training on a daily basis, and will go elsewhere to get it if they can't find it on your website.

So why not offer these valuable products and services - and earn a commission for doing it!

How To Offer Content From Your Website

Adding professional development tools, products, and services is easy: simply load the html coding we provide onto your website. We'll push the content to your "Career Center" page that has your look-and-feel and complete branding,

Your website visitors simply select the product or service they need, and are instantly shown applicable options. They purchase their desired product or service directly from your website, and we'll take care of order fulfillment and send you a commission check at the end of the month. It's that simple!
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