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Our Experts Directory is a great way for Experts to gain additional visibility and product sales. It is also a great way for your organization to further cement your advertising relationships by offering your Experts additional distribution (and sales!) through our network of sites!

By being listed in our Experts Directory, Experts can:
  • Be shown in any of our Listen, Ask, or Hire An Expert categories
  • Show their profile, credentials, and contact info
  • Post their articles, demos, white papers, and more
  • Provide us with how-to audio interviews
  • Attach and sell their products to their articles, demos, white papers, and more
  • Start and participate in Discussion Forums
  • Get additional publicity from promotions in our Distribution Network
Individuals who want to be listed as Experts pay an annual fee to get a listing in the Experts Directory. They also receive guaranteed advertising.

Included Content & Functionality

The Experts Directory allows your website visitors to view a variety of Experts, their profiles, and their programs, and to either buy a product or program online or to contact the Experts directly.

We'll populate your Directory with our Experts, and do a 50-50% split on the enrollment fee for any Experts you register.

Additionally, you earn a 50-50% commission split on any products that we sell, plus you keep 100% of any ads or sponsorships you sell on these pages!


Your Experts Directory comes pre-populated with our Experts so you don't have to worry about having little or no content when you start. You also benefit as follows:
  • All articles, press releases, white papers, demos, brochures, products, and services are automatically linked throughout the site, making it easier for users to find, research, and purchase!

  • You receive a 50-50% commission split on all product sales!

  • You keep 100% of any ads or sponsorships you sell on these pages!

  • In addition to your own website, you can utilize our distribution network to help sell your Experts' products!

How To Put The Experts Directory On Your Website

Adding or integrating our Experts Directory to your website is easy! You simply:
  • Load the html coding we provide onto your website

  • Add your own Experts or use ours - you get our Experts for free, and get to keep all but 50% of the enrollment fees from listings of new Experts

  • Cash your monthly commission checks for any product sales

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