Event Calendars

Our Event Calendar is a great way to meet your customers' needs for networking and training opportunities.

The Calendar contains sections for Conference, Events, and Webcasts/Audio Conferences, and offers you a great way to increase your ad revenues by offering sponsorships and ads on the pages. And, as an added bonus, you earn a 50-50% commission split on any revenues generated!

Sample Calendar


Your Event Calendar comes pre-populated with our events so you don't have to worry about having little or no content when you start. You also benefit as follows:
  • You receive a 50-50% commission split on all sales!

  • You keep 100% of any ads or sponsorships you sell on these pages!

  • In addition to your own website, you can utilize our distribution network to help sell your own events!

How To Put The Experts Directory On Your Website

Adding or integrating our Event Calendar on your website is easy! You simply:
  • Load the html coding we provide onto your website

  • Earn a 50-50% commission split on sales

  • Cash your monthly commission checks for any product sales
Like any of our syndicated content, you can even select items on a singular basis for promotions via email, in print, on our eNewsletter, and more! Just copy and paste the url, which includes your referrer ID code, and we'll track sales and pay commissions at the end of the month!

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