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Want to have an eNewsletter but don't have the time, content, or expertise? Wait no more! SyndicateItPro can provide you with a customizable eNewsletter with options for you to use any of our articles, products, etc.

Create Your Own Newsletter

An eNewsletter is a great way to extend your brand and keep your customers' and prospects' mindshare. It is also a great way to increase your product sales.

With an eNewsletter, you can:
  • Stay in touch with your clients, members, or prospects on a regular basis
  • Promote and sell more of your products or services
  • Keep your clients or members up to date on your news, events, or products
Yet why don't more organization's send one out consistently?

The answer is that most organizations do not have the time, content, or technical know-how to create and send a great eNewsletter. And that's where we can help!

With our eNewsletter service, you get:
  • Access to hundreds of how-to articles and audio interviews to help your clients and prospects do a better job

  • The ability to promote and sell hundreds of courses and events that your customers and prospects would otherwise go elsewhere to find

  • Increased revenues for any of your own products and services that you include and sell in your eNewsletter

  • A 50-50% commission split on any of the courses, products, or events we provide

  • Content can be re-purposed easily for use on your website

  • A simple, turn-key system for generating your eNewsletter!

  • A new branding and revenue source!

If you like what you see but have questions, simply call us at 770-410-5787. We'd be happy to help!
"Most Associations have a hard time generating non-dues revenues. A customized eNewsletter provides us with a great opportunity to list and sell events, products, services, and more - and earn income for giving our members what they are already looking for!"

- John Kerlish, President, Human Resources Management Association

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